Spring Home Checklist

Spring is the season to repair any problems winter may have caused and to prepare for heat, humidity and rain.

  • Change or clean furnace filter monthly
  • Have air conditioner checked by a qualified cooling contractor and turn humidifier off
  • Ensure you sump-pump is operating effectively
  • Check crawl space and/or basement for dampness and seepage
  • Open crawl space vents when weather permits
  • Check attic areas and interior ceilings for leakage, paying attention to areas around the chimney, and plumbing vents
  • Gutters should be cleaned and check the condition for leaks
  • Ensure drainage from downspouts is flowing away from the house
  • Check roof for damage, loose or missing shingles
  • Monitor wood exterior areas for rot, warping and mildew
  • Check screens for winter damage, and replace as necessary
  • Get lawn mower tuned and blade sharpened
  • Apply crabgrass preventer mid-April
  • Apply lawn fertilizer early to mid May


If you would like references for qualified individuals to perform any of the tasks above, contact me at shawna.obrien@talktotucker.com.  I have an extensive list of credible individuals/businesses that would be happy to work with you.


Shawna O’Brien
F.C. Tucker Geist
The Tumbarello Group