The Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer or Decorator

When it comes to updating their living space, some homeowners enjoy doing the research and then planning, designing, and decorating on their own. Many believe they will save a substantial amount of money. 

While that may be true, they may also be doing themselves a disservice by overlooking the benefits of hiring an interior designer (who can create and maximize functional living space) and/or an interior decorator (who can furnish and adorn a home or room for aesthetic appeal).

While homeowners may seek inspiration from magazines and websites, designers and decorators know how to adapt those concepts to the available space. They can also ensure that their suggestions and recommendations are practical and attainable and take advantage of the latest products and systems available. In addition, they can offer the added benefit of applying rebates and discounts from manufacturers, importers, and trade showrooms – which the average consumer simply can’t get.

Those discounts may even help offset the cost of the professional fees. But perhaps the greatest benefit of hiring professionals is the peace of mind that comes from knowing they can save you a great deal of time, especially if you have too many ideas or none at all.

Real Estate Trends Worth Watching

As you probably are with any financial investment, you should always be mindful of the value of your investment in property. Aside from knowing its fair market price, you should also be aware of market demographics and how they influence your home’s value.

Available statistics can help identify those demographics, their desirable home features, and current trends. Staying in touch with this information will help you understand how your home is valued and the types of projects worth potential investment.

For example, millennials are emerging as the largest demographic of buyers, and they often identify “smart technology”, such as newer security systems and smart appliances and fixtures, as important features. Eco-friendly and energy-saving features will also increase buyer interest in today’s market, especially as electric car chargers become more common, and as climate extremes increase demand for more efficient HVAC systems.

Of course, today’s buyers are still seeking long-time desirables such as upgraded kitchens and bathrooms. 

So, whether you’re looking to attract a certain type of buyer, deciding whether to invest in a specific home improvement, or simply reviewing the value of your investments, let’s discuss today’s trends and how they might impact your home’s value.


Bittersweet for my #emptynester Seller. After over 25 years in this amazing home she’s sold it to a couple with young kids who will enjoy it as much as her family did as they move on and build their #foreverhome. This home on .90 Acres on a beautiful cul-de-sac in a desirable Greenfield neighborhood. Multiple offers were received and the Sellers are overjoyed!

Every transaction has a story. I LOVE being a part the story.Thank you for choosing me!

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Shawna O’Brien
F.C. Tucker Geist Fishers


Highly likely to recommend|5.0

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2020 in Greenfield, IN.

  • Local knowledge: *****
  • Process expertise: *****
  • Responsiveness: *****
  • Negotiation skills: *****

Shawna was a pleasure to work with! 5 Stars in all categories. Some of things that impressed me the most: 1. She was always available to talk or arrange a showing. 2. She understands the super fast pace of buying and selling a home in todays market, and she helped us prepare to be successful. 3. Another strong suit is her willingness to jump right in to negotiate tough issues. She did not hesitate when we had crawl space concerns, or had several questions regarding the Pool at the home we were buying as we have never owner a home with a pool. 4. She absolutely had our best interest in mind with the selling and buying of our homes. I give Shawna O’Brien my very highest personal recommendation to anyone looking to sell or buy a home.

How to Tell if a Neighborhood is Improving

When you’re looking for a new home, you want to find one in a great neighborhood – or, at least, in a neighborhood that is on the upswing. How can you tell if a particular area is improving? Here are some common indicators:

  • Pride of ownership. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Do you get a sense that people take good care of their homes? Are the lawns mowed? Is the landscaping trimmed? Are flowers planted? Homeowners are more likely to look after their properties when they like where they are living.
  • Real estate sales activity. Do homes tend to sell quickly in the area? Do they sell for a good price? If so, the neighborhood is probably in demand. If people want to live there, it’s a desirable area.
  • Business investment. Are businesses investing in the surrounding area? Is there an increase in the number of upscale shops, health clubs, restaurants, and other commercial enterprises that often locate near desirable neighborhoods?
  • City plans. Find out what plans the city has for the area. Will there be road improvements done in the near future? Are there any major construction projects on the schedule, such as a new school or community center? Although such projects can be disruptive in the short term, they may improve the neighborhood – and, as a result, boost the value of any home you buy – in the long-term.

If you need help finding this information, call today.