Perform a Home Self Inspection

The home inspector’s job is to provide a report on the condition of your home in a variety of categories that impact the safety and habitability of your home. He/She will report on weaknesses and trouble spots that could turn into big issues for the new homeowner in the future.

Be a prepared seller prior to the home inspection by looking at all areas of your home from top to bottom with a critical eye.

Roof: Pay attention to soffits, fascia and shingles. Look for wear and tear, hail damage, nail pops, mold and rot

Gutters & Downspouts: Ensure they are attached securely, not pulling away, and properly draining water away from the home.

Attic: Secure insulation and replace areas if needed. Ensure the attic is properly ventilated and look for gaps, rot, mold and decay.

Walls & Ceilings: Look for discolored spots on walls, ceilings and in corners which would indicate water leaks and possibly mold.

Basement: Look for cracks in foundation and condensation in the corners, along the wall. Test your sump-pump and consider a back up battery.

HVAC: Check the serial number on your unit to find out how old it is and have it serviced by a professional prior to inspection. Older systems are less efficient and prone to breakdown so be prepared to fix, replace or provide a home warranty to the Buyer if the inspector indicates it’s toward the end of it’s life expectancy (usually 15-20 years).

Windows & Doors: Open and close each door and window to check that they open and close easily. Frames should be smooth and intact, with no airflow, and all wood trim should be in good condition with no wood rot.

Plumbing: Check that fixtures are secure and no loose toilets. Look under your cabinets and around your water heater for water stains, leaks, mildew and mold.

Structure: Walk your home like you are looking and listening for the first time. Are there creeks in the flooring or on stairs? Are handrails secure?

Shawna O’Brien
F.C. Tucker Geist Fishers

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