Happy December! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are looking forward to Christmas and the New Year. As the year comes to a close and we look forward to 2022, many are asking, “What is going to happen next year?” with our housing market.


Like most industries, residential real estate typically has a seasonality to it. Historically, the number of buyers and listings for sale significantly increase in the spring and remains strong throughout the summer. Instead of waiting for the normal spring buying market, new research indicates that homeowners thinking about selling are about to put their homes on the market this winter.

Speaking to the release of a report on this recent research, George Ratiu, Manager of Economic Research for, said: “The pandemic has delayed plans for many Americans, and homeowners looking to move on to the next state of life are no exception. Recent survey data suggests the majority of prospective sellers are actively preparing to enter the market this winter”.

Here are some highlights of the report:

Of homeowners planning to enter the market in the next year:

  • 65% – Have just listed (19%) or plan to list this winter
  • 93% – Have already taken steps toward listing their home, including working with an agent (28%)
  • 36% – Have researched the value of their home and others in their neighborhood
  • 36% – Have started making repairs or decluttering

The report also discusses the reasons sellers want to move:

  • 33% – Have realized they want different home features
  • 37% – Say their home no longer meets their family’s needs
  • 32% – Want to move closer to friends and family
  • 23% – Are looking for a home office

Data shows buyer demand remains unusually strong going into this winter. Research indicates the supply of inventory is about to increase. This could be a winter real estate market like never before.


Rates have gone up slightly BUT they are still super low. When you amortize the payment over a 30 year term the increased rate may only equal a $50-$100 increase in the mortgage payment (depending on the home value) compared to this past summer.

So, PLEASE, encourage those you know who have spoken about buying a home this season to pursue their dream and contact me for guidance. I’d LOVE to help them! I can assist with working numbers and payment options as well as referring them to trusted lenders I’ve worked with in the past.


The recent surge in prices is the result of heavy buyer demand and a shortage of homes available for sale. Most experts believe that as more housing inventory comes to market (both new construction and existing homes), the supply and demand for housing will come more into balance. That balance will bring a lower rate of appreciation in 2022. Here’s a look at home price forecasts from six major entities, and they all project future appreciation:

  1. Fannie Mae
  2. Freddie Mac
  3. Mortgage Bankers Association
  4. Home Price Expectation Survey
  5. Zelman & Associates
  6. National Association of Realtors

While the projected rate of appreciation varies among the experts, due to things like supply chain challenges, virus variants, and more, it’s clear that home values will continue to appreciate next year.

Still have questions?? Although I prefer warmer weather, in the winter months I DO enjoy getting cozy in a big sweater, grabbing a hot coffee and talking with friends. So, let’s meet up for a coffee (or tea) and talk!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with Love!


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