Things to Consider When Buying A Home

Are you thinking of buying a home this summer? If so, you have a great opportunity in front of you. Here are just a few reasons why this season may be the right time to make your purchase.

1.   Homeownership Has Many Perks
Homeownership is the American dream – not just because it has tangible financial benefits, but because it also has the power to change lives.

2.   More Homes Are Expected To Enter the Market This Summer
If you begin your search now and work with a trusted real estate advisor, you’ll be in a great spot to benefit from those additional choices when your dream home hits the market. 

3.   Home Prices Are Climbing

4.   Rents Are Rising Too
To escape rising rents, consider purchasing a home so you can lock in your monthly mortgage payment.

Download my Complete Guide on Buying A Home: Summer 2022 Edition to learn:

  • Reasons to Buy a Home This Summer
  • The Many Benefits of Homeownership
  • Why Real Estate as the Best Investment
  • Top Motivators To Buy This Summer
  • How Homeownership Can Help Shield You from Inflation
  • More Options for Your Home Search
  • What You Need To Budget For
  • Things To Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage
  • 5 Tips for Making Your Best Offer


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Shawna O’Brien
F.C. Tucker Geist Fishers

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