REVIEW! The most thorough review I’ve ever received from a satisfied Seller – I’m blown away!

Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Single Family home in 2022 in Indianapolis, IN.

Local knowledge: *****
Process expertise: *****
Responsiveness: *****
Negotiation skills: *****

“Hello Future Home Buyers and Sellers, I do not often write reviews because unfortunately, today, there are not many (individuals/businesses) of whom in my humble opinion warrant one. I’m hoping this will change.

Now, with that being said I would like to express my experience with the very impressive, Shawna O’Brien, who more than deserves a 5-star rating. Originally, I was going to list my home as “For Sale by Owner.” However, long story short I stumbled upon Shawna’s business card and decided to give her a call. This by far was the best decision I made during the entire home selling process.

Examples: * From our initial phone call, Shawna’s 20 years of experience was evident in her communication skills in addition to her knowledge and expertise. Very impressive! * I cannot say enough about Shawna’s responsiveness. No matter what time of day she was quick to respond in whatever manner you requested. Text, E-mail, and phone. Or, all three! * I’m going to add another rating: ‘Tenacity’ = 5-Star Shawna’s ability to go after what is necessary for her client is exemplary. >

I was having difficulty with my Home Warranty company due to the contractor sent to my house regarding plumbing issues. Well, before I knew it…Shawna had contacted the Home Warranty company in addition to the contractor expressing concern and the importance of this being resolved as soon as possible as a closing date had been scheduled. Unfortunately, the contractor was not cooperating and thanks to Shawna, she provided the names of a few plumbing contractors and the Home Warranty company agreed to pay the full cost in addition to reimbursing my co-pay. >

After my home inspection, it was discovered I needed a new roof. Time was running out and yes, Shawna once again came through with a couple of companies to choose from. The company I selected had my old roof removed and replaced within 6 days. These are just a couple of examples in which Shawna played a key role that went above and beyond anything I expected.

There are many other instances; however, not enough space to write it. (I must add Shawna also offered to assist me in packing or anything else to get the house ready for market if needed.) My listing with went live on 08.13.22 and had an offer for the asking price less than 24 hours later.

I was able to close less than 30 days later on 09.09.22. Well done Shawna and thank you! In closing, I would like to add I have already discussed a couple more sales with Shawna and could not think of anyone else I would want to represent me.

I highly recommend anyone who is looking to sell or purchase a home, look no further than Shawna O’Brien…you will not be disappointed. (Plus, Shawna has a multitude of contacts with more than one option should you get into a pinch.) Respectfully, An Extremely Satisfied Client”

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