Happy 4th of July! 

I hope this finds you well as we approach the holiday weekend. 

The question of whether the real estate market is a bubble ready to pop seems to be dominating a lot of conversations – and everyone has an opinion. Yet, when it comes down to it, the opinions that carry the most weight are the ones based on experience and expertise.

Here are four expert opinions from professionals and organizations that have devoted their careers to giving great advice to the housing industry.

The Joint Center for Housing Studies in their The State of the Nation’s Housing 2021 report:

… conditions today are quite different than in the early 2000s, particularly in terms of credit availability. The current climb in house prices instead reflects strong demand amid tight supply, helped along by record-low interest rates.

Nathaniel Karp, Chief U.S. Economist at BBVA:

The housing market is in line with fundamentals as interest rates are attractive and incomes are high due to fiscal stimulus, making debt servicing relatively affordable and allowing buyers to qualify for larger mortgages. Underwriting standards are still strong, so there is little risk of a bubble developing.

Bill McBride of Calculated Risk:

It’s not clear at all to me that things are going to slow down significantly in the near future. In 2005, I had a strong sense that the hot market would turn and that, when it turned, things would get very ugly. Today, I don’t have that sense at all, because all of the fundamentals are there. Demand will be high for a while, because Millennials need houses. Prices will keep rising for a while, because inventory is so low.

Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American:

Looking back at the bubble years, house prices exceeded house-buying power in 2006 nationally, but today house-buying power is nearly twice as high as the median sale price nationally…

Many find it hard to believe, but housing is actually undervalued in most markets and the gap between house-buying power and sale prices indicates there’s room for further house price growth in the months to come.

Bottom Line

All four strongly believe that we’re not in a bubble and won’t see crashing home values as we did in 2008. And they’re not alone – Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch share the same opinion.

As always, if you or someone you know would like to discuss buying or selling in 2021 or 2022, I’m never too busy for your referrals!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

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Happy Summer! 

I hope this email finds you well and you are looking forward to the warm summer months ahead. We are planning some travel as a family later this month and a few small home projects here and there.

If I can help in any way with resources for you in terms of home improvement, please let me know. AND, equally important, please share with me professionals you’ve used on your home projects that you’ve had great experiences with so I can add them to my database. 🙂 I’m often asked for assistance/referrals and I love being that resource for you!

If you have time this weekend, stop by the Saint Simon Festival! Pat and I are involved volunteers of our parish. We both (and our children) have dedicated many hours setting up and preparing for the festival weekend and I’m also a sponsor. 

It’s a fabulous kick off to summer!  There is something for every age: live music, food, games, rides, fellowship.

Thank you to all who have supported my business as clients and as a referral source!  This role that I play in helping others buy and sell a home becomes more rewarding with each year and each transaction.

I really love helping you reach your goals and I’m NEVER too busy for your referrals!

With appreciation, 


April 2021 Newsletter

WOW!  Residential real estate has always been a hot topic but lately it’s making headlines in the media, blog articles, and among personal conversations more then ever, it seems.

Sellers are discovering now is an excellent time to sell and benefit from the increased equity in their home, and there are a lot of qualified buyers looking to take advantage of the historically low interest rates. It’s a win win for all but we are experiencing inventory that is more than 50% below what it was this time last year. Many sellers are receiving an average of 4 “qualified” offers per listing. 

As your buyer’s agent I’m working faster and smarter to help you stand out from the competition and win the bid. As your listing agent, I’m helping you cut through the clutter and strategize on what is the best offer for you to accept to reach your financial goals. 

If you like data and are genuinely curious about today’s market for buyers and sellers, check out my latest blog post, Buyer and Seller Perks in Today’s Housing Market.

On a personal note, my family and I just had a wonderful spring break in Florida last week and on April 1st we celebrated my Husband Patrick’s birthday. We look forward to both Jack and Kelly’s track season at Cathedral and Saint Simon and we’re working on some small projects around the house. As a realtor, the projects never stop as I’m constantly inspired and motivated to make improvements ;-). 

Have a wonderful spring season and Happy Easter!



Spring is almost here!  Are you as excited as I am? It is my favorite season as the weather warms, foliage and flowers come back to life and our family can spend more time outdoors.

Spring is also the season many individuals and families start the process to list their home, buy a new home or build a new home and I am eager to help them meet their real estate goals.

I’m NEVER too busy for your referrals, by the way. Who do you know that plans to buy, sell or build in the next year or two? I’d be honored to receive an introduction and the opportunity to assist!

Some of my previous clients have written a testimony about their experience working with me and I invite you to read the reviews and share them with someone that is looking for a knowledgeable, dedicated, qualified real estate broker (me 😊) to assist them today, or in the future: http://bit.ly/3pYiDo9

Also, If YOU may be in the market in the next year or two, I’d like to remind you I can send you profiles of homes the instant they hit the market that:

  • have the features you want
  • are in neighborhoods you want to live in
  • are available at your price point

Wouldn’t that information be helpful? Even if you are “just looking”, it makes sense to look at homes that are a good fit for you.

Please call or email me anytime and I’ll set this up for you.

On a personal note, I’m coaching my daughter’s volleyball team and we enter the tournament on March 8th. Wish us luck! And, my son has started his track season at Cathedral with his first meet on March 13th!

Cheers, and let the Luck of the Irish be with you this month! 


JANUARY 2021 Newsletter

How has your 2021 been so far? 🙂  Are you making any resolutions? My resolution is to be in the moment as much as possible because although 2020 had it’s challenges, I feel it went by super fast, especially during the last two weeks of Christmas and New Year.

I’m excited for 2021. I know the real estate market is going to be booming and fun and I look forward to helping more individuals and families this year. I’m also looking forward to connecting IN PERSON with family, friends, neighbors, clients, referrals, and new connections.

So, if I can buy you a coffee and “catch up”, let me know a good time for you! My calendar is waiting to be filled. 

I wish you a “Happy New Year”, Peace, Joy, Love & Success!


December 2020 Newsletter

Thank you for opening my monthly email and allowing me to stay in touch and share business and personal information with you throughout the year.

Going into our last month of 2020, I want to express my gratitude to the individuals and families who trusted me this year to help them with buying, selling and many of them, BOTH buying and selling at the same time!

Buying and selling a home is an emotional & detailed experience.  It’s deeper than just sticking a sign in the yard and/or driving around looking at houses. My gratitude for my clients that trusted me to advise them properly, walk with them through the process, negotiate and be their advocate from beginning to end (and beyond the closing) leaves me with a loss of words to explain how honored I feel.


Our relationship does not end after the closing. Please know that I am here for my clients to help them in ANY way at ANY time. Even if you’re not a client of mine (yet 😉), please utilize my professional training, experience and expertise any time you have a real estate question. If you have questions about the market in general or about a particular neighborhood; or you’re considering making some home improvements and wonder what the return on your investment may be – I’d be thrilled to hear from you.

Many say, “Let me know how I can help”, but I MEAN it.  Let me be a resource for you!  I’m happy to do it!

On a personal note, my kids are home e-learning so I’m seeing a lot of them these days. Thankfully they are old enough now that I can still be out with clients and attend meetings and training when offered in person but I am enjoying the time we’re all home. I’ve always been a “go-getter” and the kids have always been involved in many activities so this “slower” pace has been nice most of the time. Can you tell I’m a glass half full person? 😊

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you! I wish you and your family a safe and healthy Holiday season.

All my best,



Thank you for reading my monthly newsletter each month and staying in touch with me!

Typically August is a quieter month in real estate as individuals and families squeeze in a last minute vacation and and/or prepare for Back To School and we see it pick back up in 4th quarter. However, as mentioned in last month’s email newsletter, we’re a few months behind the “normal” real estate timeline. Summer real estate activity reflected what we normally see the first of spring and that momentum continues into August.

Inventory of homes currently on the market continues to be lower than this time of year in years past, often resulting in multiple offers for sellers. On the surface that sounds great but it can be overwhelming, stressful and confusing when comparing offers and all the detailed criteria involved to determine the best offer for the seller.

Interest rates are falling below 3% for a 30yr fixed loan term and buyers are able to purchase more home for their dollar, which often results in competition with other qualified buyers on the same house. This too can be overwhelming, stressful and confusing when comparing all the criteria involved in making an offer that will get accepted by the seller. Both sellers and buyers need representation by a dedicated real estate agent more than ever before, in my opinion.

I can help! Please rely on me to provide answers to any and all questions you have about buying or selling in 2020 and 2021.

This unique situation in the market has required real estate agents, sellers and buyers to adapt and set new and different expectations in regards to the buying and selling process. Whether you’ve bought and sold before or taking the advice from someone who has, I assure you, this climate is nothing like you’ve experienced in years past.

To say 2020 has been unique is an understatement. Thank you for your support and referrals.  I’m thankful I chose this profession to help you while providing for my family.

On a personal note, we just celebrated my son’s 8th grade graduation from St. Simon last Friday and he’s off to High School in just over a week. He’ll run cross country for Cathedral and hopes to make the freshman basketball team. My daughter starts 6th grade and is already sharpening her kickball skills in preparation for the CYO kickball fall season while also attending basketball conditioning to prep for the winter season.

As former athletes all through our school years, and active still in many ways, Pat and I look forward to watching their competitions, cheering them on, encouraging them and spending time as a family through their activities.

Many blessings to you and yours!

Shawna O’Brien
F.C. Tucker Geist Fishers
The Tumbarello Group

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Happy July! I hope you are enjoying the summer so far.

It’s still a unique climate but the real estate market is going strong! I’ve explained June’s activity as what we typically see in the spring. It’s like we had an extra long winter and now sellers and buyers are ready to make a move.

If you have questions such as: Are homes selling? Is the market stable? Is now a good time to list? What’s the selling process given the restrictions still in place? How are people shopping for new homes? What does it take to receive an accepted offer in this competitive market?

To understand the current activity in your area or desired area, take a look at new listings, median sales price, time on the market, pending v. active listings, and list price v. sales price.

If you would like me to elaborate on what each of the above tells us, I’m happy to assist you. If you’d like me to research your area or an area in which you are interested in purchasing, I’d be happy to assist you with that as well! I have the latest information and data and can provide you with the answers and advice you need.

On a personal note, I’ve been able to consistently list and sell homes this summer and I’m grateful for the referrals I’ve received and the amazing clients I’ve been able to help as we slowly emerge from quarantine while maintaining social distancing. Keep ‘em coming! 😊

Even more exciting, our son, Jack, will have a LIVE outdoor graduation from 8th grade at the end of this month. He is off to high school next year and our daughter Kelly will enter middle school.  Time really does go by quickly!

Wishing you safety and health!

Shawna O’Brien
F.C. Tucker Geist Fishers
The Tumbarello Group

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I pray this newsletter finds you well. Congratulations to all the Graduates out there!

In regards to the real estate market, I’m pleased to report it’s an active market. Spring is historically the most active season in real estate, (fall is a close second), and we will now see that type of activity this summer.

As mentioned in my last two monthly updates, if you are a serious buyer, due to COVID precautions in place, you must provide proof of pre-approval before I can show you a home. The days of being curious and a “lookie-loo” are no longer. Most sellers will not vacate their property for a showing if you are not a serious buyer with proof you have the ability to purchase.

If you are a Seller, you have an excellent opportunity to sell your home at top dollar. There are serious buyers in the wings waiting for you to go live! If you decide it’s the right time to list now, I will creatively market your home and show your home safely to discerning buyers. You are the boss and your comfort level rules when accepting showings on your home. If you prefer no in person showings at all, I have an excellent photographer that can film 3D walk thru video. It’s amazing and realistic so please ask me about it!

If you’re not in the market to buy or sell right now and you took the time to open my email, thank you! I appreciate you! And if you’re a past client, thank you for allowing me to stay in touch with you. I value you and I appreciate your support. Please keep me top of mind when you hear of someone who would like to buy or sell a home.

I wish you well from my heart as I type. Please take care of you, your family, your loved ones, and your neighbor. Please take a moment to think of and/or pray for someone who needs your well wishes today.

With much love and sincerity,

Shawna O’Brien
F.C. Tucker Geist Fishers
The Tumbarello Group

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